Monday, November 29, 2004

MIS-TRUTH: Major Newspapers STILL Not Telling The Whole Story About Ohio Recount

U.S. votergate media blackoutTake a look at these short excerpts from major newspapers:
...The Green and Libertarian parties asked a U.S. District Court judge to order an immediate recount. The judge agreed with the state that a recount cannot begin until Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell certifies the statewide vote, sometime between Dec. 3 and 6. The two parties are raising the $113,600, or $10 per precinct statewide, needed to force a recount...
- The Cincinnati Post, November 29, 2004
...The Green and Libertarian parties are raising money to pay for a recount that would be held once the results are certified...

- Yahoo News, November 29, 2004
...Since then, there have been demands for a recount and complaints about uncounted punch-card votes, disqualified provisional ballots and a ballot-machine error that gave hundreds of extra votes to Bush...

- The Guardian, November 29, 2004
Now, take a look at an excerpt from this November 22nd article:
...The formal demand for a recount in Ohio was filed on November 19, along with a bond for $113,600 to cover the cost of $10 per precinct needed to request a recount. This money was raised in four days thanks to thousands of donors from around the nation...

- Scoop, November 22, 2004
The three mainstream newspaper excerpts I listed above all lead one to believe that there may or may not be an Ohio recount. The Cincinnati Post excerpt is blatantly false. The Cincinnati Post -- COVERING NEWS IN THEIR OWN STATE!!! The Green / Libertarian party are NOT "raising" the money. It has already been raised. That's past tense guys -- BEFORE NOVEMBER 19, 2004!!!!

I have also NOT come across any mainstream news article so far that reports that this $113,600 was raised IN FOUR DAYS THROUGH INTERNET DONATIONS!!! That is an incredible detail noticeably missed by the big news organizations. Not only that. The tally is now more than $250,000!!! How the hell can these so-called journalists be so blind?!! All they have to do is click this link:

Perhaps they want the public to believe that this was a last-minute effort by a third party to avoid the issue that Secretary of State Blackwell is stonewalling on a speedy certification of the votes in Ohio. Perhaps the big media want readers to ignore the fact that a judge has blocked the chance for a proper and fair recount from being done in Ohio because there simply is not enough time to do it after the December 6 certification takes place.

Whatever the reason, the mainstream media has failed once again to provide a truthful and accurate report to the public. To egregiously ignore facts that have been known for more than 10 days now is unacceptable and is further proof that the mainstream media is a major factor when it comes to the ignorance of many Americans.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Bruce MacKinnon: American - Ukraine election

Check out award-winning journalist David Lindorff's comparison of the U.S. & Ukraine elections:
Nation of Sheep, Turkey of an Election: Ukrainians Show the Way

MIS-TRUTH: The Ohio Recount May Not Take Place: CBS

There's good news and bad news. The good news(?): the first network T.V. news outlet has mentioned the Ohio recount story (over 2 weeks old now). The bad news: they're suggesting that the recount may not happen at all.
Election 2004: Still Not Over
...Third party requests for a recount were rejected by a federal judge on Tuesday. (Their .26 percent of the vote didn’t buy them much of an argument.)...
This is a completely false statement!!! The judge didn't reject a recount! The judge rejected requests for AN EARLY recount (before official results are tabulated). The reason for this request is ignored, as well, by CBS. The electoral votes for Ohio must be cast by December 13th. The certification for the official results is expected December 6th (or later). A state-wide recount within 7 days is impossible.

And what's with the snide .26% comment? One of the judges reasons for rejecting an EARLY recount was that the requesting party was not realistically in contention to win Ohio. They raised over $150,000 through internet donations IN 4 DAYS!!! Perhaps the judge should have considered that dramatic outpouring in support from the people -- you know, the ones who actually do the voting!!

CBS Chief Political writer David Paul Kuhn continues:
Like Washington state, both political parties have raised enough money in Ohio to cover a recount. If the specter of a recount comes to Ohio, so will the ghosts of elections past. Hanging chads anyone?
IF!!! IF!!! IF....THE SPECTER...!!!! IF...THE SPECTER...OF A RECOUNT COMES TO OHIO!!! Sounds like David Paul Kuhn considers a recount on the same level as a dirty nuclear terrorist bomb. "The Specter" -- OOOOOOH!! Scary stuff!!!

News flash, David. It's not "If", it's "when". Get your prepositions right, dammit! "Senior" chief political writer?! Sheeeesh! Perhaps you should just go to the web site of the party who you are belittling.
...the recount will proceed on the schedule dictated by the Ohio Secretary of State's office. Mr Blackwell is currently stating certification will not take place until Dcember 6th...
- from the Cobbe/LaMarche website (one of the 3rd parties involved) under the title "What's The Latest on the Recount?".

HALF TRUTH: 2 Statements Which Deserve Another Quote

Here's a passage I've seen at least a couple of times in articles:
Election numbers still leave questions for some
By Larry Eichel
Inquirer Staff Writer
...While the investigation is not complete, Warren Mitofsky, whose company designed and helped conduct the poll, has suggested more Republicans than Democrats refused to be polled, skewing the numbers. Such refusals, the theory goes, might stem from distrust some Republicans feel toward the so-called mainstream media, whose logos the pollsters wore on Election Day. Exit polls have overstated the Democratic vote in other recent elections as well.

Freeman, who said the theory had "some plausibility," expects to post the revised version of his paper today on his Web site,
In a publication called "", Dr. Freeman says a little bit more.
"Thinking coolly and scientifically: Is it delusional to question the Bush-voter-refusal hypothesis as conclusive without independent evidence? On the other hand, considering the scores of allegations, the history (especially in Florida), the lack of safeguards with electronic voting, the conflict-of-interest in election oversight, etc…, etc… (and now the Berkeley study) is it delusional to consider that, just possibly, even part of the discrepancy might be due to the possibility of miscount?"
In a letter to MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, Mitofsky compares the leaked exit poll data (not the data used by Dr. Freeman) as “the score at half time at a football game”.

Joseph Cannon of Cannonfire wrote a killer rebut to that statement:
"No, Mr. Mitowsky. They should be compared to the score at half time at fifty football games. Better analogy: Fifty tosses of a coin. Error should skew in both directions; if the coin keeps coming up heads, something is wrong with that coin."
Yeah, I can see why bloggers get their bad reputation..................not! Way to be on the ball with that one, Joseph!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

MIS-TRUTH: Exit Polls in America Are Wrong. No Proof Needed.

U.S. votergate media blackout
Faulty exit polls puzzle experts, feed conspiracy theories

By Julia Malone
Cox News Service
Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Excerpt 1:

...Joe Lenski, executive vice president of Edison Media Research and one of the directors of the exit polls, conceded that the surveys, which aimed at questioning every 10th voter leaving 1,480 precincts nationwide, had missed the mark.

"A superficial reading of the data would have indicated that Kerry had a slight lead," he said in a telephone interview. But he defended the survey's final result, calling it "well within the sampling error," which ranged between 2 and 5 percentage points..
O..K., we've heard this explanation many times before, however the fact that is ALWAYS left out is that the error OVERWHELMINGLY skews towards Kerry. Look at the graph illustration above -- these are 4 p.m. exit poll numbers. Joe Lenski does not address this important piece of evidence.

Excerpt 2:

...Exit surveys, by their nature, always vary somewhat from the actual vote count. In recent years, they have tended to over-estimate the support for Democratic presidential candidates...

Excerpt 3:

...The difference this year was that the Internet made it easier for the world to see the unadjusted numbers in an election that was already very close and in a survey that was, apparently, even more skewed toward Democrats...
This whole article assumes that the exit poll numbers are wrong. Why is this? What evidence does it have? None. The exit polls are guilty until proven innocent, in other words -- regardless of the widespread voting irregularities that have been documented (also absent from this article). Why is there no hypotheses about vote fraud, given these irregularities?
Excerpt 4:

..."There's also an issue of whether Democrats were more willing to talk than Bush voters," Frankovic said. She added that experience shows that older voters are generally less willing to participate in exit polls than younger people...
Oh, yeah? Where's the evidence? Why is the author of this piece not asking for numbers that prove this to be the case? Here's a rebut to this variation to the "chatty democrat" theory from Bob Burnett, a computer scientist and one of the executive founders of Cisco Systems:
"...On the PBS News Hour Mitofsky stated, “we suspect that the reason [Kerry was ahead in the exit polls] was that Kerry voters were more anxious to participate in our exit polls than the Bush voters.” Of course, this excuse doesn’t explain why the exit polls were inaccurate only in swing states.

And it ignores the fact that the exit polls are carefully constructed samples weighted by factors such as party affiliation and gender. In other words, it is not the case that pollsters grab the 20th voter coming out of the polls and mark down their vote preferences regardless of what party they belong to; polling protocol dictates that if they have too many Democrats, or women, they don’t take anymore in that particular category until the sample is balanced..."
Excerpt 5:

..."Polls are pretty blunt instruments," Frankovic said. "They are not as precise as I think some people would like to think."...
Try telling that to Collin Powel, who refuses to accept the Ukraine election results due largely to -- yes, you guessed it -- EXIT POLLS. The fact is, exit polls are very accurate. Notice how the article lumps "exit polling" with other "polling" with this quote. This distinction should not be confused. Polling someone after they have voted is much more accurate than polling someone (on the phone) a week before they vote.

HALF TRUTH: U.S. Aknowleges that Vote Fraud Occurred ............................... in Ukraine

Powell talks hypocracy
Powell says USA does not accept Ukraine vote results

"We cannot accept this result as legitimate, because it does not meet international standards and because there has not been an investigation of the numerous and credible reports of fraud and abuse," Powell said.
Nowhere in this article does it say what international standards were broken. Also absent from this newsclip is any mention that the recent U.S. election has had numerous and credible reports of fraud and abuse which has also failed to be properly investigated.

As David Lindorff stated in his most recent article, "Double Standard on Exit Polling and Voter Fraud"
"...telling the Ukraine to hold off on declaring a winner until allegations of fraud can be investigated and resolved is hard to swallow.
Almost as hard to swallow as the media that report this without even a passing note about its irony and hypocrisy."

HALF-TRUTH: A Full Recount in Ohio May Now Be Impossible Because of a Judge

U.S. votergate media blackout
Judge Denies Demand for Ohio Recount

Wed Nov 24, 8:35 AM ET

U.S. National - AP

TOLEDO, Ohio - A federal judge on Tuesday denied a request by third-party presidential candidates who wanted to force a recount of Ohio ballots even before the official count was finished...
What AP fails to mention is that it will be impossible to complete a recount by the time the electoral votes are given to Bush on December 13. Democracy in America is again proven to be a joke.

TRUTH LEFT OUT: A Florida Vote-Rigging Story the U.S. Mainstream Media Still Ignores

U.S. votergate media blackout
Volusia County resident Susan Pynchon, with the help of Volusia County attorney Daniel R. Vaughen, P.A., filed a lawsuit on Tuesday, Nov. 23, seeking to set aside the Nov. 2, 2004 Volusia County election due to irregularities.

Summary of allegations

a. The Supervisor of Elections has unreasonably delayed providing information.

b. The certification was based on inadequate and incomplete information regarding the election results.

6. Some or all of the information requested on Nov. 2, 2004 by Black Box Voting is still missing from 59 of the 179 voting precincts, including portions of or all of the voting machine tapes for those 59 precincts, which are a vital part of official paper record of the election results from those precincts.

7. Complete information on problems with the voting machines prior to and during the election has not been provided.

8. Complete information relating to memory card failures during the election has not yet been provided.

9. Only a partial list of the transmission logs from the Accu-Vote optical scan server has been provided. Despite repeated requests, the Elections office has refused to provide to the Volusia County Democratic party the official election results, now stating that those results will not be available until December 1, 2004.

10. The Elections office has provided incomplete data regarding Early Voting and Absentee ballots. The Supervisor of Elections, for example, reported that the total number of absentee ballots and Early voting ballots, combined equaled 89,999 votes, yet the published figures for those totals is 84,100 votes, leaving over 5,800 votes unaccounted for.

11. In addition to the pattern of delay in providing the requested information, the true election results are in doubt because of numerous violations of election law procedure and unanswered questions concerning the results.

12. The polls were opened early and closed late during Early Voting.

13. Many public records, including one signed results tape from a voting machine were found in the trash. Many of the requested records not furnished by the Elections office have been found in the trash. Results from the tapes found in the trash do not match the results of the copies of tapes furnished.

14. An email from Mark Earley, of Diebold Elections Systems, Inc., to the Elections office was provided which asked the recipient for an explanation of why Volusia County had more memory card failures than all of their other Florida customers combined, and then asked why the 17 memory card failures which the Elections office reported on November 3, increased to 25 before November 12, 2004.

15. The reported memory card failures were significant and troubling and included reporting zero votes after one week of voting, requesting permission to upload votes before the voting began, and messaging whether the card should be reformatted.

16. According to a statement by the Supervisor of Elections on November 17, 2004, the GEMS computer is not networked, and is "stand alone." The furnished computer logs show evidence of at least two attempts to remotely access the GEMS central tabulator, which is claimed to be secure. A computer screen shot printout on November 17, 2004 (found in the trash) shows that the GEMS computer at that time had two networked hard drives.

- from

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

HALF-TRUTH: Exit Poll Double Standard

U.S. votergate media blackout
Graph showing the "red shift" between 2004 US General Election exit polls & the actual 2004 US Election results


Ukraine election fraud protest

"...One [exit] poll, conducted by anonymous questionnaires under a program funded by several Western governments, including the United States, said Western-leaning reformer Viktor Yushchenko had collected 54 percent of the vote and Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych trailed with 43 percent..."
- By Aleksandar Vasovic, AP - November 22, 2004

"...Several reliable exit polls had Mr. Yushchenko winning the vote by a comfortable margin..."
- Washington Times Editorial, November 24, 2004

O.K., so the exit polling discrepancy in the U.S. is due to flaws with the exit polling (which has not been proven at all to be the case). However, in the Ukraine, exit polling is significant proof that the election is a fraud.

I think this double-standard in relying on exit polls should provide a boost for the vote-fraud investigation in America. At the very least, it should put pressure on the U.S. election officials (et al.) to provide evidence to back up their theory that the exit polls are flawed.

After all, it's hard to believe that the exit polling in the Ukraine is more reliable than that in the United States, is it not?

Monday, November 22, 2004

Newsclip Autopsy - Remember the Term: "Information Superhighway"?

The corporate mainstream media has called today's bloggers all sorts of names.

"tin-foil hat wearers"
"crazy conspiracy nuts"
"paranoid flame-fanners"

Walter Cronkite even spoke of the internet as being, if I may paraphrase, "the water-cooler of this generation".

No longer is the internet referred to as "the information superhighway".

Well, now is your chance to prove that the blogger phenomenon is due, for the most part, to the lack of responsible journalism these days.

Please follow the directions as stated in the "site description" above. Keep your excerpts short and always remember to include a link and an explanation as to why you posted that excerpt. Also, please only post excerpts from established news sources (e.g. CNN, ABC, BBC, CBC, The New York Times, etc.). Political slant does not matter, for truth rises above politics.

In addition -- from time to time -- this site will dedicate itself exclusively to stories that demand attention. Please DO NOT post any other UNRELATED newsclips when this site is so focused exclusively on such a story. For example, currently I only want newsclips related to the U.S. election voting fraud / recount issue.

I look forward to reading and discussing the "forensic" analyses you will provide. Please feel free to provide me with any feedback on how to improve the format of this site as well.

I thank you.
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