Monday, November 29, 2004

MIS-TRUTH: Major Newspapers STILL Not Telling The Whole Story About Ohio Recount

U.S. votergate media blackoutTake a look at these short excerpts from major newspapers:
...The Green and Libertarian parties asked a U.S. District Court judge to order an immediate recount. The judge agreed with the state that a recount cannot begin until Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell certifies the statewide vote, sometime between Dec. 3 and 6. The two parties are raising the $113,600, or $10 per precinct statewide, needed to force a recount...
- The Cincinnati Post, November 29, 2004
...The Green and Libertarian parties are raising money to pay for a recount that would be held once the results are certified...

- Yahoo News, November 29, 2004
...Since then, there have been demands for a recount and complaints about uncounted punch-card votes, disqualified provisional ballots and a ballot-machine error that gave hundreds of extra votes to Bush...

- The Guardian, November 29, 2004
Now, take a look at an excerpt from this November 22nd article:
...The formal demand for a recount in Ohio was filed on November 19, along with a bond for $113,600 to cover the cost of $10 per precinct needed to request a recount. This money was raised in four days thanks to thousands of donors from around the nation...

- Scoop, November 22, 2004
The three mainstream newspaper excerpts I listed above all lead one to believe that there may or may not be an Ohio recount. The Cincinnati Post excerpt is blatantly false. The Cincinnati Post -- COVERING NEWS IN THEIR OWN STATE!!! The Green / Libertarian party are NOT "raising" the money. It has already been raised. That's past tense guys -- BEFORE NOVEMBER 19, 2004!!!!

I have also NOT come across any mainstream news article so far that reports that this $113,600 was raised IN FOUR DAYS THROUGH INTERNET DONATIONS!!! That is an incredible detail noticeably missed by the big news organizations. Not only that. The tally is now more than $250,000!!! How the hell can these so-called journalists be so blind?!! All they have to do is click this link:

Perhaps they want the public to believe that this was a last-minute effort by a third party to avoid the issue that Secretary of State Blackwell is stonewalling on a speedy certification of the votes in Ohio. Perhaps the big media want readers to ignore the fact that a judge has blocked the chance for a proper and fair recount from being done in Ohio because there simply is not enough time to do it after the December 6 certification takes place.

Whatever the reason, the mainstream media has failed once again to provide a truthful and accurate report to the public. To egregiously ignore facts that have been known for more than 10 days now is unacceptable and is further proof that the mainstream media is a major factor when it comes to the ignorance of many Americans.

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