Thursday, November 25, 2004

MIS-TRUTH: The Ohio Recount May Not Take Place: CBS

There's good news and bad news. The good news(?): the first network T.V. news outlet has mentioned the Ohio recount story (over 2 weeks old now). The bad news: they're suggesting that the recount may not happen at all.
Election 2004: Still Not Over
...Third party requests for a recount were rejected by a federal judge on Tuesday. (Their .26 percent of the vote didn’t buy them much of an argument.)...
This is a completely false statement!!! The judge didn't reject a recount! The judge rejected requests for AN EARLY recount (before official results are tabulated). The reason for this request is ignored, as well, by CBS. The electoral votes for Ohio must be cast by December 13th. The certification for the official results is expected December 6th (or later). A state-wide recount within 7 days is impossible.

And what's with the snide .26% comment? One of the judges reasons for rejecting an EARLY recount was that the requesting party was not realistically in contention to win Ohio. They raised over $150,000 through internet donations IN 4 DAYS!!! Perhaps the judge should have considered that dramatic outpouring in support from the people -- you know, the ones who actually do the voting!!

CBS Chief Political writer David Paul Kuhn continues:
Like Washington state, both political parties have raised enough money in Ohio to cover a recount. If the specter of a recount comes to Ohio, so will the ghosts of elections past. Hanging chads anyone?
IF!!! IF!!! IF....THE SPECTER...!!!! IF...THE SPECTER...OF A RECOUNT COMES TO OHIO!!! Sounds like David Paul Kuhn considers a recount on the same level as a dirty nuclear terrorist bomb. "The Specter" -- OOOOOOH!! Scary stuff!!!

News flash, David. It's not "If", it's "when". Get your prepositions right, dammit! "Senior" chief political writer?! Sheeeesh! Perhaps you should just go to the web site of the party who you are belittling.
...the recount will proceed on the schedule dictated by the Ohio Secretary of State's office. Mr Blackwell is currently stating certification will not take place until Dcember 6th...
- from the Cobbe/LaMarche website (one of the 3rd parties involved) under the title "What's The Latest on the Recount?".

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