Sunday, December 05, 2004

MIS-TRUTH: What Planet (nevermind what state) is Ohio's "The Plain Dealer" on?

Which Planet?
In the last week, the U.S. mainstream media has finally caught up to a story that's about 3 weeks old, but better late than never -- right? Finally, we're starting to see headlines with the words "Ohio" and "recount" actually beside each other (without a qualifier, like "possible"). Speaking of which, the big media is actually getting it's facts right -- especially the fact that there were "400" protesters in front of the Ohio Statehouse on Saturday. Maybe I'm being a little bit too sensitive, but does anyone else get the feeling that by putting the number "400" in the headlines, these papers are doing a little nudge-nudge wink-wink business?

And then there's an article that has given me inspiration to write another post:
Conspiracy theories on Ohio vote refuse to die

It's over, but election still centers on Ohio
Sunday, December 05, 2004
Bill Lubinger
Plain Dealer Reporter

Voters up to here with election overload thought Nov. 2 would finally end the trashing, bashing and bluster.

They thought wrong.

It's been just over a month since George W. Bush eked out a second presidential term, but accusations of election fraud and conspiracy cram e-mail in- baskets and fill Internet "blog ger" pages, air time on radio talk shows and cable TV and newspaper columns daily.

Yeah, I'm really starting to get sick of all of that wall to wall coverage of votergate 2004 on CNN, CBS and all of the other networks. I tell you, if I see another interview with Bev Harris, David Cobb or Dr. Freeman -- I'm going to scream! All of those references to a double standard with respect to the U.S. and Ukraine exit polling in the Washington Post and New York Times is growing sooo tiresome.

Bill Lubinger -- What planet are you on?

CBS was writing that a judge had rejected the Ohio recount altogether on November 24th (just scroll down to see that post).

AP didn't even realize that the Green party had raised enough for a recount MORE THAN 10 DAYS AFTER THE FILING FOR A RECOUNT (you'll see that little nugget with the CBS clip below).

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, once the hope of many for mainstream journalistic integrity, has been getting flack for the last month for reporting about voting irregularites and recounts.

Bill Lubinger continues with a quote from an academic, probably taken out of context and given a couple of weeks ago (judging by what he said) -- but I'll give Bill the benefit of the doubt.

"I would say it's unprecedented," said Ned Foley, director of the election law program at Ohio State University. "It's taken on a life of its own. And the fight is going on even when Kerry said, 'No, it's not there.' People were just not ready to give up."

Newsflash, Bill! -- Kerry is backing up the lawsuit against the county in Ohio that refuses to participate in the Ohio recount about to take place in about a week. Ohio election procedures allows for a recount, does it not? Ohio allows a recount to take place to ensure that every vote is counted, does it not?

The Plain Dealer, like all of the other big media in the last month, over- emphasizes the "conspiracy" issue with simplistic and invalid logic. Here's a conclusion which noone has made:

Early exit polls showed challenger John Kerry ahead in key states that he eventually lost, proving the fix was in.

No, Bill. This does not prove that "the fix was in". Again, Dr. Freeman is not mentioned or referenced in this article (whom I imagine he is referring to at this point). However, he is mentioned briefly in a completely separate summary article written by Mr. Lubinger (et. al) -- entitled, "Untangling the Voting Controversies". In this lop-sided summary, the information about Dr. Freeman's research is more than 2 weeks old (apparently, Bill wasn't aware that Dr. Freeman updated his research) -- but no matter. Here's an excerpt:

And a University of Pennsylvania professor calculated the odds of exit polls being off in all three states at 250 million to 1 (now updated to 662,000 to 1).

NOTE: According to Dr. Freeman, "Being off" (in more technical terms) means the chance of there being a statistical error. In other words, that means that the discrepancy between the exit polls and the actual results in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Ohio (combined) could not have been due to it simply being "within the margin of error" -- as is often mentioned. Also, as Dr. Freeman notes in his research, he used THE LATEST exit poll data provided during the election day -- IT WAS NOT THE EARLY DATA you keep reading about (which was leaked across the web).

I could get into more about Richard Morin's comments about Dr. Freeman, but that falls outside of the scope of this blog.

So no, Mr. Lubinger, it wasn't just the EARLY exit polls in Ohio and Florida that showed a discrepancy. As Dr. Freeman shows us, there is something strange in the combined exit polls of these three states with the most UP TO DATE exit poll numbers. Either there was a systematic influencing factor (overwhelmingly skewing the exit polls towards Kerry), or there was a COUNTING ERROR. Proof has not been found with either hypothesis. Now, combine this research with the irregularities being reported and the serious software security holes detected by computer programmers with the central voting tabulating system and Diebold touch-screen system, etc, etc. Anyone concerned about the future of democracy in America should be pounding their fists demanding an investigation and, at the very least, a recount.

But of course, according to Bill Lubinger, this "fervour" that we're seeing with "conspiracy theorists" IS PARTLY TO DO WITH THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA ITSELF!!!! (LOL)

And there were Election Day problems widely reported by the news media - voting machine malfunctions, long lines at the polls, the rejection of provisional ballots - most of which Green and other political observers consider "run-of-the-mill" stuff.
So what exactly is he saying? Should we turn off and tune-out the mainstream media?

Wait a minute! I actually agree with that implicit assertion!!!

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