Wednesday, December 01, 2004

TRUTH LEFT OUT: Dr. Freeman's Important Analyses AGAIN Ignored by Mainstream

U.S. votergate media blackoutWith a headline like this, the article seemed, at first, promising. However, my hopes were dashed as I immediately began to read it. A half-truth and a "truth left out" are exposed here.
Voting errors tallied nationwide
By Brian C. Mooney, Globe Staff | December 1, 2004

Those who believe that either or both of the past two presidential elections were manipulated by a vague conspiracy to elect Bush have done statistical analyses of voting patterns in Florida and argued that the voting discrepancies were much larger and systemic, but their studies have not stood up to scrutiny from academics and other analysts.
It has been around 2-3 weeks since an important and truly insightful work has been done by Dr. Freeman from the University of Pennsylvania. He shows that the discrepancy found between the exit polling and the actual results in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania cannot be attributable to statistical error. The odds are 665,000 to 1. He states that "counting error" is just as valid a hypothesis as "systematic bias" with exit polling. Very few mainstream news organizations have cited this research. is one of them. In the case of Dr. Freeman, his conclusions HAVE indeed stood up to the scrutiny from other academics and analysts!!! Perhaps that's why he is not mentioned in this piece? C'mon guys!
None of the recounts or inquiries is expected to affect the results of the presidential election, which Bush won by more than 3.3 million votes.
I've seen this frayed logic many times by the mainstream and, quite frankly, it's starting to get me a bit peeved. THE POPULAR VOTE IS IRRELEVANT WHEN DETERMINING WHO IS PRESIDENT. If Kerry manages to reverse the outcome in Ohio, he is President. With the amount of irregularities that we've seen in this state, couple with Dr. Freeman's research -- this is entirely possible!!!
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