Tuesday, December 14, 2004

TRUTH LEFT OUT: Republican Rep Asked Programmer to create Vote-Rigging Software

Ohio Fraud Smoking Gun


As reported on the Brad Blog, this story is on the verge of breaking into the mainstream. Ironically, it has made it to Feeney's hometown paper,The Seminole Chronicle. The story is also making waves in international publications as well. Notably, Brad Freidman is reporting that there is a major T.V. network in the U.S. which is seriously investigating the story. No further details are mentioned, however.



I wanted to wait to see what developed with this story before posting it here. It's a story about a programmer who was asked (in 2000) to develop a hidden code that would clandestinely switch the vote from one candidate to the other -- to be used in the Florida elections in 2002. The programmer, Clinton Curtis, was allegedly asked to do this by Republican representative, Tom Feeny. Mr. Curtis has signed an affadavit detailing these allegations, which can be read at the Brad Blog

Most recently, Clinton Curtis has appeared at the Ohio Judicial Committe, adding more weight to the idea that the Ohio computer vote counting software could have been rigged. A summary of the testimony at this hearing is given here. A video link and transcript of his testimony can be seen at Cannonfire. The video, like the David Cobb audio link below, is riveting!

Bev Harris, of Black Box Voting, is not convinced. However, she is willing to listen. Her analyses can be found here.

The reason I was hesitant to post anything about Curtis (apart from the decision whether he's legitimate or not) was due to the fact that:

1. His case is about a vote-rigging allegation in 2000.
2. He never actually put the code into a machine that was to be used during the election.

However, his testimony at the Ohio hearing shed some light on the issue of electronic vote rigging and how easy it can be achieved. Of course, if his story holds up, it should send shock waves to Americans everywhere.

At the very least, the big media should be investigating this story further -- especially now that he has presented testimony at the Judicial Committee in Ohio.

Last time I checked, surprise-surprise, none of the mainstream has reported this story.

ADDENDUM: An anonymous poster to Newsclip Autopsy has given us some excellent information and suggestions:
By going to http://judiciary.house.gov/ you can see the names of all 35 members (5 more Rep. than Dem.). On the front page is a list of hearings, etc.: Conyers' hearing is not mentioned here!

From there, you can easily click on the "contact us" button and email them a message.

The minority (Democratic) members have their own page, which does include reports of the hearings. You can also email a message to the minority members.

I have sent emails to both. I would like to suggest that everyone do likewise -- I would think this approach might be helpful to do in addition to contacting the MM. (Thanks for those email addresses, btw.)

Interestingly, the name of Rep. Feeney is included in the Republican members of the Judiciary Committee! See for yourself! No wonder all the other Republican members are staying away from this!

I should also add that on the minority website,


you can get pdf's of pertinent communications. Today they have added the letter from Blackwell to Conyers in "response" to Conyers earlier letter. Then read the letter Conyers wrote in response to Blackwell: "I find your response...unacceptable and I am dismayed that it took nearly two weeks for you to proffer a letter that does not respond to a single one of our 36 questions"!

And, "If these allegations are as obviously baseless as you have claimed, it would seem that you could perform a public service by dispelling them."

Thank God for Conyers.

Newsclip Autopsy has provided an email list of the Mainstream Media in the sidebar of the main page. Cut, paste, write, and send. Help keep the MMLP as small as possible!
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