Saturday, February 26, 2005

MISTRUTH: Anne Coulter Racist Remark Censored by Syndicator

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On the Jeff / James Guckert / Gannon scandal, Anne Coulter - fresh from being exposed about lying about Canada's involvement in Vietnam (see previous Newsclip Autopsy post here) - is caught making racist comments about Reuters veteran journalist Helen Thomas.

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The American media seems to enjoy cleaning up the scum coming from Anne's mind as well, as the news site, Uexpress has done.

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Hat tip to Crooks and Liars and Moveleft for this dissection.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

TRUTH REVEALED? Bush Equivocates About Invading Iran...Again!

Did you hear King George make the all of the reporters laugh at the NATO press conference today? Here's the transcript of that moment:
Q A question for President Bush. President, you came to Europe with a very constructive speech. And, indeed, you said very few things the Europeans couldn't agree with. But actions speak louder, so do you actually commit to taking more into account the European position on international matters? And do you actually commit to, for instance, prevent from launching action, strikes against a sovereign member state, state like Iran, without a mandate from the United Nations Security Council?

PRESIDENT BUSH: You know, look, let me talk about Iran; that's a place where I'm getting good advice from European partners. After all, Great Britain, Germany and France are negotiating with the Ayatollahs to achieve a common objective, something that we all want, and that is for them not to have a nuclear weapon. It's in our interests for them not to have a nuclear weapon.

It's also in our interests for them not to continue funding terrorist organizations like Hezbollah, which has the desire to stop the Middle East peace process from going forward. And so these are great interlocutors on behalf of the position we share. So there's an example of concrete action.

I'm also looking forward to working with our European partners on the Middle Eastern peace process. Tony Blair is hosting a very important meeting in London, and that is a meeting at which President Abbas will hear that the United States and the EU is desirous of helping this good man set up a democracy in the Palestinian territories, so that Israel will have a democratic partner in peace.

I laid out a vision, the first U.S. President to do so, which said that our vision is two states, Israel and Palestine, living side-by-side in peace. That is the goal. And I look forward to working concretely with our European friends and allies to achieve that goal.

And finally, this notion that the United States is getting ready to attack Iran is simply ridiculous. And having said that, all options are on the table. (Laughter.)

I have to say, when I watched it on CNN, I am very certain that Bush did not intend for that statement to be a joke.

This is not the only instance where Bush has not given a clear answer about the possiblility that Iran may be invaded UNILATERALLY. Of course, he's not going to come out and say that this is going to happen. However, the fact that he is NOT ruling out the possiblility that he may do another end-run around the UN is a definite warning sign in my books.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

MISTRUTH: Bloggers Will Obstruct the Work of "Real" Journalists

Here's a take from The Toronto Star's Tim Harper (Washington Reporter):
Often witty, sometimes racy, certainly irreverent, frequently sanctimonious, the blogosphere has been bulking up for years.

But the mainstream media have long taken a largely dismissive approach to this world of online political journals: Open. Peek. Chuckle. Close.

No more.

The growing army of American cyber-pundits hunched over their search engines has begun to wield strength that no one predicted.

A promising truthful reflection from a mainstream reporter (albeit a Canadian mainstream reporter).

However, his remarks below these comments focus more on the right-wing blogs. Never does he mention "votergate" or the left-wing blogger achievement of getting a Senator to delay certification of the Prez the first time in over 100 years. Never does he mention the Prez's rectangular back bulge which was brought to the mainstream thanks to left-leaning blogs (and later killed by the so-called "liberal" media).

(sigh) The article, in the end, turns into another preach-piece on how blogs should be "handled-with-care".

Tim Harper leaves us with a warning (from columnist Kathleen Parker - a self-proclaimed "fan" of the blogosphere):
For all their attractive swashbuckling and bravura, bloggers also can become a cyber-mob that acts, as mobs do, without conscience or restraint.
But wait, there's more...
Parker worries that — if bloggers continue to believe everything is fair game — "off the record" will no longer apply and the ability to speak freely will become a thing of the past.
Now there's a new one I haven't heard before!! LMFAO!!! By accurately reporting what was actually said, bloggers are now going to indirectly cause people not to speak freely. Bloggers are now going to "obstruct" the progress of the mainstream media from doing responsible work. You have to ask yourself, why can't the MSM put some of that creativity into their actual work, instead of using it to come up with ridiculous excuses for why they aren't going to continue to do their job.

The fact is, bloggers are becoming notorious because THEY are the ones doing the journalism that the MSM refuses to do. THEY are the ones connecting the dots that the MSM refuses to connect and/or see. And the majority of these dots so happen to be ON THE RECORD -- lies and all.

A journalism professor in this article says,
"We [bloggers] see 'red meat' and we swarm."
When these bloggers refuse to eat the same sanitized corporate-approved pablum every day, you're damn right these hungry wolves are going to swarm when we see prime-rib continue to be thrown into a mile-high pile of manure. We, after all, are not afraid to get a little dirty.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

TRUTH LEFT OUT: Who Was That Iraqi Woman During The State of The Union Address?

Ever wonder who that Iraqi woman was during the State of The Union Speech?
"Eleven years ago, Safia's father was assassinated by Saddam's intelligence service. Three days ago in Baghdad, Safia was finally able to vote for the leaders of her country -- and we are honored that she is with us tonight."
- President Bush
Well, it turns out that her father was assassinated in Lebanon and perhaps, because of the U.S. government's lack of trust in this man. As this article describes, a coup attempt in 1993 was apparently compromised by the American government when her father's covert accomplices were exposed to Saddam.

Why did she attend Bush's speech if this is true, you may ask? The article hypothesizes that this "special" treatment may be payback in order to continue the cover-up.

For more details, see:

Who Was the "Iraqi Woman" Paraded Out for GW Bush's Inaugural Speech

Friday, February 04, 2005

MISTRUTH: Anne Coulter Believes Canada Sent Troops to Vietnam

Fox News . Where more and more Americans get their information.

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