Sunday, February 20, 2005

MISTRUTH: Bloggers Will Obstruct the Work of "Real" Journalists

Here's a take from The Toronto Star's Tim Harper (Washington Reporter):
Often witty, sometimes racy, certainly irreverent, frequently sanctimonious, the blogosphere has been bulking up for years.

But the mainstream media have long taken a largely dismissive approach to this world of online political journals: Open. Peek. Chuckle. Close.

No more.

The growing army of American cyber-pundits hunched over their search engines has begun to wield strength that no one predicted.

A promising truthful reflection from a mainstream reporter (albeit a Canadian mainstream reporter).

However, his remarks below these comments focus more on the right-wing blogs. Never does he mention "votergate" or the left-wing blogger achievement of getting a Senator to delay certification of the Prez the first time in over 100 years. Never does he mention the Prez's rectangular back bulge which was brought to the mainstream thanks to left-leaning blogs (and later killed by the so-called "liberal" media).

(sigh) The article, in the end, turns into another preach-piece on how blogs should be "handled-with-care".

Tim Harper leaves us with a warning (from columnist Kathleen Parker - a self-proclaimed "fan" of the blogosphere):
For all their attractive swashbuckling and bravura, bloggers also can become a cyber-mob that acts, as mobs do, without conscience or restraint.
But wait, there's more...
Parker worries that — if bloggers continue to believe everything is fair game — "off the record" will no longer apply and the ability to speak freely will become a thing of the past.
Now there's a new one I haven't heard before!! LMFAO!!! By accurately reporting what was actually said, bloggers are now going to indirectly cause people not to speak freely. Bloggers are now going to "obstruct" the progress of the mainstream media from doing responsible work. You have to ask yourself, why can't the MSM put some of that creativity into their actual work, instead of using it to come up with ridiculous excuses for why they aren't going to continue to do their job.

The fact is, bloggers are becoming notorious because THEY are the ones doing the journalism that the MSM refuses to do. THEY are the ones connecting the dots that the MSM refuses to connect and/or see. And the majority of these dots so happen to be ON THE RECORD -- lies and all.

A journalism professor in this article says,
"We [bloggers] see 'red meat' and we swarm."
When these bloggers refuse to eat the same sanitized corporate-approved pablum every day, you're damn right these hungry wolves are going to swarm when we see prime-rib continue to be thrown into a mile-high pile of manure. We, after all, are not afraid to get a little dirty.
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