Friday, March 18, 2005

MISTRUTH: AP Legitimizes Taiwan Wacko Conspiracy Theory

ABOVE: Campaign photo showing the President & Vice President on the Jeep before the assassination attempt.

Here's another piece of evidence that shows us that the American Press is lazy and uninformed. I found this in a very short "this day in history" blurb (emphasis added by Newsclip Autopsy):
"One year ago:...Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian and his vice president were shot and slightly wounded in an apparent assassination attempt on the final day of Taiwan's presidential campaign."
- AP - March 18, 2005.
Yeah, like President Kennedy was apparently assassinated in 1963.

Let's see -- a shooter opens fire on the Taiwanese President Chen and Vice President Lu while waving to their supporters a day before the election. Yeah, I can see how a reporter has to be very careful when it comes to accurately identifying this as an "assassination attempt".

I imagine this word "apparent" stems from the Taiwan opposition party's loony assumption that Chen actually staged the shooting in order to create a "sympathy" vote in order to win the closely fought Presidential election of 2004. This "theory" (if you can call it that) has been refuted by the evidence and investigation so many times that you have to wonder if the leaders of the opposition (Lien & Soong) are mentally challenged. What's more, they plan to hold a protest rally a full-year after this assassination attempt took place. Talk about being the biggest sore loser of all time!

Here are the facts:

- President Chen and Vice President Lu were shot at (2 bullets) from approximately 15-20 feet away by a shooter(s) using a hand-made gun while in a moving jeep travelling approximately 10 km/hr.

- Two bullet holes, showing the bullet's trajectory were anaylized by Henry Lee (Taiwanese-born forensic investigator, famed for the O.J. Simpson trial) on the front windshield of the Jeep. Chen was grazed by the bullet accross his stomach and was a fraction of an inch from being fatally wounded. Lu was injured on her knee by one of the bullets.

- The bullet casings were found at the crime scene and were eventually matched to an illegal gun factory in Taiwan.

- Recently, the wife of the "apparent" assassinator confessed that her husband was the one who shot the President and Vice President. He was a disgruntled citizen, disturbed about Chen's policies.

- The man's image was captured by a public video camera as he fled the crime scene after the shooting.

- The man officially committed suicide (this is the only aspect that is suspicious) shortly after the Chen shooting. He died by drowning in a river, even though he was said to be an expert swimmer. The wife destroyed the suicide note before confessing.

- The shooter had strong connections to the opposition party who is now protesting the anniversary of the shooting this year.

How the opposition party (KMT) still believes that the President risked his own life by having someone (who is not a marksman) shoot him across the stomach with a non-precision weapon from a distance of 10 - 15 ft away in a moving vehicle for a CHANCE to win an election is simply beyond my imagination. So far, they have not come up with any -- I REPEAT -- any evidence that supports their absurd claim. One simply has to ask a supporter at the rally today, "would you re-enact the scenario if I found the best marksman in the world so that you could prove that this theory has a chance of being credible?"

I doubt you would find many takers.

Perhaps the AP editor who wrote this misleading blurb would do the honours?
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