Friday, July 15, 2005

TRUTH NOT ASKED: The Question that's BIGGER than "Who told Rove?"

In light of important new developments in this story from Pakistani Intelligence, we should be pressing the press to ask some specific questions about the "ORANGE ALERT SCANDAL" that took place in July 2004.

FLASHBACK -- 2004:

A Pakistani security official, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity, said Tuesday that despite failing to capture some al Qaeda suspects after Khan's arrest, the country's security agencies were chasing them and would eventually get them.

The official would not reveal the names or nationalities of the fugitives who evaded arrest.

That's right! The U.S. and Britain KNOW THE NAMES of the fugitives that escaped due to the GOP leak.


Did any of the fugitives that escaped the 2004 round-up of an Al Qaeda cell in Pakistan take part in the London Bombing?

If this turns out to be the case -- the Rove scandal will look like a walk in the park, folks. Afterall, 50+ British citizens may have died as a result.



Mohammad Sidique Khan, 30, was a guest of the Labour MP Jon Trickett in July 2004, four months after he had been identified by intelligence officials as a "criminal associate" of one of the subjects of a major counter-terrorism operation that had resulted in several arrests.


What else is the British Intelligence not telling us? Not surprisingly, this story is growing legs in the British press.



Again, from the

Mohammed Sadique Khan was identified on the periphery of a major counter-terrorism operation last year and is said to have been a "criminal associate" of one man arrested on suspicion of terrorism. Yet even after that operation, Khan was allowed to teach young children and visit the Commons.

And Khan, along with the two other bombers from Leeds, was yesterday said to have been banned from three mosques in the city, with a suggestion it was for their "radical" views.

Were there any clues buried in the individual histories of the other bombers - warning signs that should have been spotted, but weren't?

So, just to refresh our memories, here's what we know so far:

* British intelligence, according to the knew that one of the London bombers, Mohammed Sadique Khan, was a "criminal associate" of one of the subjects of a major counter-terrorism operation that had resulted in several arrests -- 4 MONTHS BEFORE GETTING A GUIDED TOUR OF PARLIAMENT BY Labour MP Jon Trickett in 2004.

* Tanweer's (another London bomber) uncle, Bashir Ahmed, said from England that his nephew traveled to Lahore, [Pakistan] earlier this year to study Islam. But the officials said they believed he also made a trip in the latter half of 2004, in which he met with Osama Nazir, a Pakistani militant...[AP Report]

* Pakistani intelligence (and I assume, U.S. and Britain) KNOW THE NAMES of the fugitives that escaped in the round-up of Mohammed Naeem Noor Khan due to the U.S. government leak of his name in July 2004.

Inquiring minds should be wondering if the fugitives that escaped the botched round-up in 2004 had any participatory role in the London bombings -- since we apparently know the names and nationalities of these individuals.

Inquiring minds should also be wondering why the British officials and government are saying that they knew nothing about these bombing suspects -- When in fact, British Intelligence DID know LAST YEAR that Khan was a "criminal associate" with an terrorist cell. One should also wonder why a Labour MP (4 months after knowing Khan's association with terrorists) was giving this person A TOUR OF PUBLICLY INACCESSIBLE AREAS OF PARLIAMENT!!!

Inquiring minds should now be wondering why Pakistani intelligence is already, at great speed, connecting the dots about one of the London bombers, Shahzad Tanweer, to areas of Pakistan where he may have received training and marching orders from local terrorist cells there.

Inquiring minds should now be wondering how warning signs -- such as Khan being banned from mosques due to his "radical" views -- were supposedly unknown by British athorities, when British intelligence tagged him as a "criminal associate".

Or how about these warning signs with Tanweer (from The Guardian):

The transformation was gradual, but then his relentless reading of the Quran and daily prayers became almost an obsession, his friends told The Associated Press. He became withdrawn and increasingly angry over the war in Iraq, according to those who knew him best.

The U.S.-led war was what likely drove him to blow himself up on a subway train last week, said his friends.

There may be very reasonable explanations to these questions that I've written above. I still would like to hear them though.


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